Everyday Tools for the Columbia Community

A wide variety of services and tools are available across Columbia's campuses to assist students, faculty, and staff with teaching, learning, housing, health, and other concerns.

Roughly a dozen students sit in a circle on a grassy patch near the steps of Low Memorial Library on a bright, sunny day
Student Services

Find out where to register for class, find housing, pay your bill, and a host of other to-dos.

Inside a laboratory stocked with bottles on shelves, two women researchers wearing white lab coats hold up a beaker, looking at the purplish liquid it contains
Faculty Services

Peruse a list of academic, employee, and other campus-related services for faculty.

A female public safety officer straddles a bicycle on College Walk with Low Library in the background on a sunny day
Staff Services

View your paycheck, check your benefits, or get information on a host of other services.

Important Locations

Visit the offices on campus for more information about the various services and resources available.